Defines core of theme. How theme is being set using Material-UI.

Customize Berry with your theme. You can change the colors, the typography, and much more. Material-UI provides flexibility to change the style of the project in a single place and on top of it, we made it more centralized and consistent by proper file structure.

You might don't need to update anything in..\src\themes unless wanted to have separate theming.

Theme configuration

The whole theme can be configured from the folder ..\src\themes . Theme initialization starts in index.jsx, where palette, typography, and component's overridable style exist.

// project import
import useConfig from 'hooks/useConfig';
import Palette from './palette';
import Typography from './typography';

export default function ThemeCustomization({ children }) {
  const { borderRadius, fontFamily, mode, outlinedFilled, presetColor, themeDirection } = useConfig();
const themeOptions = useMemo(
        () => ({
            direction: themeDirection,
            palette: theme.palette,
            mixins: {
                toolbar: {
                    minHeight: '48px',
                    padding: '16px',
                    '@media (min-width: 600px)': {
                        minHeight: '48px'
            typography: themeTypography,
            customShadows: themeCustomShadows
        [themeDirection, theme, themeCustomShadows, themeTypography]

As you can see colors for the theme came from the central location import value from '../assets/scss/_themes-vars.module.scss';

// paper & background
$paper: #ffffff;

// primary
$primaryLight: #e3f2fd;

// secondary
$secondaryLight: #ede7f6;

// success Colors
$successLight: #b9f6ca;

// error
$errorLight: #ef9a9a;

// orange
$orangeLight: #fbe9e7;

// warning
$warningLight: #fff8e1;

// grey
$grey50: #fafafa;

//-----------------------|| DARK THEME VARIANTS ||-----------------------//

// paper & background
$darkBackground: #1a223f; // level 3
$darkPaper: #111936; // level 4

// dark 800 & 900
$darkLevel1: #29314f; // level 1
$darkLevel2: #212946; // level 2

// primary dark
$darkPrimaryLight: #e3f2fd;

// secondary dark
$darkSecondaryLight: #d1c4e9;

// text variants
$darkTextTitle: #d7dcec;

//-----------------------|| JAVASCRIPT ||-----------------------//

:export {
    // paper & background
    paper: $paper;

    // primary
    primaryLight: $primaryLight;
    primary200: $primary200;
    primaryMain: $primaryMain;
    primaryDark: $primaryDark;
    primary800: $primary800;

    // secondary
    secondaryLight: $secondaryLight;
    secondary200: $secondary200;
    secondaryMain: $secondaryMain;
    secondaryDark: $secondaryDark;
    secondary800: $secondary800;

    // success
    successLight: $successLight;
    success200: $success200;
    successMain: $successMain;
    successDark: $successDark;

    // error
    errorLight: $errorLight;
    errorMain: $errorMain;
    errorDark: $errorDark;

    // orange
    orangeLight: $orangeLight;
    orangeMain: $orangeMain;
    orangeDark: $orangeDark;

    // warning
    warningLight: $warningLight;
    warningMain: $warningMain;
    warningDark: $warningDark;

    // grey
    grey50: $grey50;
    grey100: $grey100;
    grey200: $grey200;
    grey300: $grey300;
    grey500: $grey500;
    grey600: $grey600;
    grey700: $grey700;
    grey900: $grey900;

    //-----------------------|| DARK THEME VARIANTS ||-----------------------//

    // paper & background
    darkPaper: $darkPaper;
    darkBackground: $darkBackground;

    // dark 800 & 900
    darkLevel1: $darkLevel1;
    darkLevel2: $darkLevel2;

    // text variants
    darkTextTitle: $darkTextTitle;
    darkTextPrimary: $darkTextPrimary;
    darkTextSecondary: $darkTextSecondary;

    // primary dark
    darkPrimaryLight: $darkPrimaryLight;
    darkPrimaryMain: $darkPrimaryMain;
    darkPrimaryDark: $darkPrimaryDark;
    darkPrimary200: $darkPrimary200;
    darkPrimary800: $darkPrimary800;

    // secondary dark
    darkSecondaryLight: $darkSecondaryLight;
    darkSecondaryMain: $darkSecondaryMain;
    darkSecondaryDark: $darkSecondaryDark;
    darkSecondary200: $darkSecondary200;
    darkSecondary800: $darkSecondary800;

You can check other settings like theme typography, palette, and components style override in the same folder. ..src\themes

How to customize it?

You might come across questions like how to change a theme's primary color? How to change textbox or other components which can apply to an entire theme? Check below for each of your need:


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