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v3.1.0 updates


Berry is developer-friendly & highly customizable React Admin Template based on Material-UI.
Berry comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material-UI components that will help you to build your site faster and save your development time.
We’ve followed the best industry standards to make our product easy, fast & highly scalable to work with. It's made with this high-end technology stack - React Hooks, Components, Create React App & Redux.

Customer Review

We're just getting started with this new theme, but we liked it enough that we decided to import our application into this codebase rather than the other way around. Impressive number of custom components and original work (vs. some other themes that seem to just be repackaged versions of Material UI). It is clear the developers have put some work in here, and we are excited to see what updates are rolled out over the next year.
  • oxbird

Technology Stack

  • Material UI v5 components library
  • Authentication Methods - Auth0, Firebase, JWT, AWS
  • Redux-toolkit
  • React Hooks API
  • Redux & React Context API for State Management
  • React Router
  • Axios
  • Create React App
  • Code Splitting
  • CSS-in-JS
  • Multi-Language


Any Suggestion? OR Feedback

Feedback from our beloved community is always welcome. Feel free to reach out anytime at our Support Panel. We would love to hear from you anytime.
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Technology Stack
Any Suggestion? OR Feedback