Start working with minimum setup by creating new project

With the years of experience and after crafted many templates, we come to know that, users are often confused about how to use all those components with most of the admin templates. If you ever downloaded an admin template, you might come across questions like,

"How can I use components in the project?"

"How can I create a new project and set up theme/components?"

"Can I have minimal code-base to start?" etc.

If you ever found yourself in such a situation, we came here to the rescue.

Mantis is structured with a huge set of ready-to-use components. We tried to provide as many as possible components with customization so that you can integrate those directly into your projects.

In this Integration guide, we are going to explain, how can you create new a project with minimum setup and integrate some components as per your need.

There are two ways to get started with minimal things. Please continue to on next chapter.