Mantis Figma FAQs

How to apply Dark/Light colors using Themer Plugins

Video Tutorial -

Setup the Themer Plugin

  1. Import & Open Mantis-color-palette.fig file into Figma.

  2. Goto Menu -> Libraries -> Find and Publish Mantis-color-palette -> Publish styles

  3. Try out the free figma Themer Plugins from Figma Community.

  4. Open Themer Plugin Dialog and follow below steps.

    • Save JSONBin API key after setting up account from

    • Create a theme

      • step1 - Select Color styles

      • step2 - Select Local styles

      • step3 - Checkmark the "Create multiple themes from ....."

      • Hit Create theme button.


Problem - None of the styles are published. Publish them to continue.

Resolution - Follow Step 2. Problem - Stuck in Themer Plugin?

Resolution - Reset Themer from Dialog Settings -> Reset Themer and follow step 4

How to apply Dark/Light colors?

  1. Import & Open Mantis.fig into Figma.

  2. Goto Menu -> Libraries -> Find and Activate Mantis-color-palette libraries.

  3. Open Themer Plugins Menu -> Plugins -> Themer

  4. Remain Open the Themer Dialog.

    1. Select any existing frame(s)/layer(s)

    2. From Themer Dialog select Night and hit Apply to selection button for Dark Layout.

    3. From Themer Dialog select Day and hit Apply to selection button for Light Layout.

It may take longer loading time to apply styles using Themer Plugins depends upon the selected amount of frames/layers.