Gradient Able - React Hooks + Redux Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
Gradient Able is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Hooks + Redux Admin Template based on Create React App, Hooks, Redux & Bootstrap 4.
We’ve followed the best industry standards to make our product easy, fast & highly scalable to work with. Gradient Able is the most convenient react hooks admin dashboard template for developers as it's made with React Hooks, Components, Create React App, Redux, clean code, and fully documented which allows you to build eye-catching, high-quality, high-performance responsive single-page applications.


    Fully Responsive Layout
    2 Dashboard, 380+ Widget Cards
    SASS Powered
    210+ Pages
    Workable Application
    Live Menu Customize
    6 months of free support included
    Easy to Build and Setup
    Clear Cut Code style

Technical Specification (Credits πŸ™)

Last modified 8mo ago